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Is there an absolute Canon definitive (as in, in the seven books rather than in something JKR has said in interview) as to the age gap between Bellatrix Black and the Marauders?

The Black Sisters

Okay, so is there anything in canon apart from the bit in OOTP that says what the age difference between Bellatrix, Narcissa and Andromeda Black is?

The bit in OOTP implies (though it doesn't precisely say) that the order is from oldest to youngest:


(I've not got onto book 6 re-read yet, so if there's anything in there I may well have forgotten it.)

Is this vouched for elsewhere/by JKR? Is there any reason why two of them couldn't be twins (just with the elder twin marked first) - or, hell, why they couldn't be triplets (apart from sheer improbability, obviously, which is beside the point!)?

If there's a definite age gap, does it say anywhere what that age gap IS?

(Yes, I have fanfic writer's angst here, does it show?!?)

Which year

Okay, so a friend and I were discussing which year/era we'd like to be at Hogwarts in. For example - did we want to be in Harry's year? In James's? In Tom Riddle's? Or a couple of years above Harry (in, um, Oliver Wood's year, for example?) or at school with one of the elder Weasley brothers?

She was torn between a crush on Bill Weasley and one on Sirius Black.

I have a particular liking for Remus Lupin and Lily Evans. BUT. I took at look at that era and reckoned I would not be cool enough for Lily or Sirius; that James wouldn't be interested; that I did NOT want to spend time with Peter; and that Remus wouldn't notice I existed.

Gods, it was a horrible experience, actually. I could feel all the nightmares of what it was like at school for me in reality (and I went to an all girls' school, so there wasn't even too much male issues) linked with the thoughts.

So. Yes. Being of a peaceful state of mind, probably I'd like to go in the years after Harry defeated Voldemort for the first time, so everyone would be happy and not worried. Or I'd like to be in the year beneath Harry, as I'm sure I'd be a Ravenclaw (though the last 'which house?' quiz had me level for ALL FOUR - how impressive is that? - but somehow gave me Gryffindor for no apparent reason) and I could stop them bullying Luna, which is just shameful.
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Since I wrote up The Trials Theory, and shared with Mum the idea that Harry will lose his magic, we have been discussing what might happen in book 7. Mum points out that if Harry loses his magic, Voldemort's veins will no longer contain the blood of a wizard and therefore the spell at the end of book 4 will no longer be valid and he will dissolve into a hand, a bone and a splash of blood. Which would be very interesting.
We also talk a lot about Ron's death, and also Pettigrew (well, if Harry loses his magic, he'll need someone to fight for him because he'll be pretty defenseless...though I suppose he could get out the sword of Gryffindor again) and I half-jokingly suggested that Ron and Pettigrew could die together protecting Harry. Mum looked gleeful and said
"Yes, and Ron's last words could be 'Scabbers'!"
There was much horrified shrieking and mad giggling and we eventually thought that as last words go, they really are atrocious.

SO, let's have a horrendous last words game! What would be the worst possible last words for anyone in the Potter-verse? Can we beat 'Scabbers!' for sheer trauma factor? I have faith that we can :-)

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Lucius on clothes

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I had a thought about GoF that I never had before while I was watching the court scene with Karkaroff and the Crouches. In the movie, it's very different from in the book - Barty Crouch Jr is all suave and sneaky and then gets zapped and is all "And so's your mom, loser!" and Barty Senior is all ;_; Whereas in the book, Barty Jr very young and weeping and wailing. And I got to thinking why. Because he quite plainly felt the way Bellatrix did - that it was okay to go to prison, he remained loyal all the way, he didn't want to wriggle out of it, he was PROUD of what he did. Yet he was having a right old go at wriggling out of it. Or seemed to be. And I have come to the conclusion that he was actually doing it as a big stunt to help his father's fall from grace. Not enough that his son went to Azkaban, better to send a crying, hysterical boy to Azkaban and de-cry him as not his son. According to Sirius, that really was the bit that meant Barty Crouch Sr lost everything and didn't get the Ministry job. If it was a big "stunt" to get some final revenge, it worked brilliantly. Just my thought of the day really!
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Peter has a toe missing as a rat AND as a human (well, it's a finger when he's a human but you know what I mean) and I was wondering whether this is inevitably the case - whether, whatever you're missing when you're human you don't have as an animal animagus.

Obviously, even if you have all your limbs as a human you won't have any if you transform into a snake! But then I was thinking - if you're missing one arm, say, as a person, how many legs do you have as a beetle? Five? Or less than that, because your one arm would translate into one-and-a-bit legs?

And teeth. Sirius, in the film, has bad teeth as a human. Does he also have bad teeth as a dog? And if he lost all of his teeth, would he then be a toothless dog? And if so...

would the same thing happen with werewolves? Could you stop werewolves being able to transform so many people by forcing them to have all of their teeth pulled?

(I should get more sleep.)

Time at Hogwarts

I saw mention of the bell at Hogwarts, but how else do students tell time? I assume they go by a normal clock: Umbridge declares all students must be in their common rooms by six o'clock, and once we get "By eight o'clock, Madam Pince had extinguished all the lamps and came to chivvy Harry out of the library."

Students don't wear watches, so I'm guessing there are clocks scattered around the school. Are they possibly mentioned somewhere? How would a student wandering the halls know when his secret eleven o'clock meeting was coming up?