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This is a wild half-assed idea about the end of HP7 that came to me earlier this week. I don't even want to call this a "theory", because it's kind of out there, but what the heck.

OK, so here's the way this goes.

1. We know that Harry's scar was inflicted during Voldemort's attack on him when he was a baby and that the scar gives him a connection to LV.

2. Part of this Harry-Voldemort connection involves a transfer of at least some of Voldemort's powers over to Harry. I'm thinking in particular of the fact that Harry is a Parselmouth.

3. What if the scar gave Harry more powers than just the ability to speak to snakes? What if Harry is actually a Squib, and the only reason why he's a wizard is because his scar gives him some of Voldemort's magical abilities? [Note that powerful wizard parents don't necessarily have magically gifted kids. Observe Neville's almost-Squibness in books 1-4, despite the fact that his parents were powerful Aurors.]

4. There's been speculation flying around since HBP came out that Harry's scar is a one of Voldemort's Horcruxes. As said above, certainly the scar connects Harry to Voldemort, and being a Horcrux would certainly explain this connection. Let's suppose that the scar is in fact a Horcrux.

5. Assuming that the scar/Horcrux can be destroyed without killing Harry, then afterwards, Harry would revert to being a Squib. In other words, he would only be able to defeat Voldemort by giving up his magic and his active involvement in the Wizarding World. This would be a far more devastating sacrifice than if he were to have to die.

So that's my half-assed pseudo-theory -- that Harry killing Voldemort might require him giving up his magic. I'm not saying that I think this is going to happen. I don't even know if this is consistent with canon, since I haven't really done much digging below the surface to find out. But I'd love to hear what any of you have to say about it.
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