Summer (summerborn) wrote in hp_conversation,

Harry's full name

I think I read somewhere that we've never seen Harry's full first name, and there is some speculation that it's not "Harold" but really just "Harry." Wouldn't surprise me; I've seen people named Vicky and Joey and other strange things. But...

Wouldn't it be funny if his first name was Harrison? I just find the idea very amusing.

Carry on :)
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We have seen his full name - it's in OotP (and HBP actually). Fudge says he's "Harry James Potter" and then his OWL results letter says he's "Harry James Potter." too.

I was always pretty sure his full name was Harry before that though - it would be unusual for everyone to call him Harry (teachers and the people who know him as famous) if it really was a nickname.

Harrison is better than Harold though which was the popular fanfic thing. God, I hated the idea of his name being Harold!
Oh, very good! I'd missed that. Just as well; I agree with you about "Harold".