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Which year

Okay, so a friend and I were discussing which year/era we'd like to be at Hogwarts in. For example - did we want to be in Harry's year? In James's? In Tom Riddle's? Or a couple of years above Harry (in, um, Oliver Wood's year, for example?) or at school with one of the elder Weasley brothers?

She was torn between a crush on Bill Weasley and one on Sirius Black.

I have a particular liking for Remus Lupin and Lily Evans. BUT. I took at look at that era and reckoned I would not be cool enough for Lily or Sirius; that James wouldn't be interested; that I did NOT want to spend time with Peter; and that Remus wouldn't notice I existed.

Gods, it was a horrible experience, actually. I could feel all the nightmares of what it was like at school for me in reality (and I went to an all girls' school, so there wasn't even too much male issues) linked with the thoughts.

So. Yes. Being of a peaceful state of mind, probably I'd like to go in the years after Harry defeated Voldemort for the first time, so everyone would be happy and not worried. Or I'd like to be in the year beneath Harry, as I'm sure I'd be a Ravenclaw (though the last 'which house?' quiz had me level for ALL FOUR - how impressive is that? - but somehow gave me Gryffindor for no apparent reason) and I could stop them bullying Luna, which is just shameful.
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