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This is a Harry Potter community that got created over the summer holidays. I was thinking about every community I have ever seen and realised that while there are plenty of communities for discussing why Harry and Ginny are destined to get together or whether the fact Ron's wand is made of willow proves that he will die, I have never seen a community out there which is actually designed for just talking about Harry Potter.

So that is what this community is for.

Basically, all you have to do is join and then we can talk about anything HP related that you want to discuss. If you want to talk about a theory you've had about what will happen next, you can. If you want to discuss how you felt when you first became a Harry Potter fan, you can. If you just want to come on and say "My favourite bit in Harry Potter is Fudge's pinstriped cloak." (my mother's personal best moment) you can. This is simply for lovely, lovely Harry Potter discussion.

BUT - there are a few rules.

1) THERE IS NO ROOM FOR BIGOTED PEOPLE IN THIS COMMIUNITY. Period. I will not tolerate racist, homophobic or sexist remarks of any kind.

2) THIS COMMUNITY IS SLASH-FRIENDLY! As in, people are free to discuss any pairing they want, be it Harry/Hermione, Harry/Draco or Harry/Hedwig. Everyone MUST be aware of this before they join. If you see a post discussing a pairing that you don't like, avoid the post. I have no problems with people saying "I don't really agree with this pairing because..." but you have to be prepared that ANY pairing is allowed here.

3) HP ACTORS. This is not a community for pimping out your favourite actor's upcoming film. You can discuss the HP actors in the terms of things they have said about their characters in the films and I don't mind chatting about it in comments but I don't want posts which are just about "Emma Watson is doing such-and-such a film". It's not to do with Harry Potter and therefore this is not really the community for it. Leading on to...

4) NO REAL PEOPLE SLASH. I am not against RPS if that is what floats your boat. But this is not the community for it. There are other communities for RPS. This is a HP community and not about their actors.

5) While I allow (and in fact encourage) discussion about the films, please remember that the films are NOT the books. Therefore, while they rightly have a place in the Potter verse, if you are discussing them, make sure you mention that you are talking about something in the films. It avoids complications.

6) Fanfiction and fanart. I've put a lot of thought into this because I am aware that for some people, the fandom world really does make Harry Potter. However, I would prefer that we talk about fanficion as little as possible. This is not a community for fanfiction recs, there are other communities for that. Likewise fanart. I don't mind references to fics or even linking to fics that you talk about but please keep it sparing. If it happens too much, I will have it banned. You have been warned.


7) Discussion is welcomed freely on this community. That's the point. But I want no insults thrown please. You can disagree with somebody without calling them a brain-dead moron.

For now, that's it! Join up and get chatting!